All Fruit Vintage product descriptions include the specific measurements for that item (in both cm and Inches). This is the most reliable way to determine vintage clothing sizing.

Measurements are taken from the front with the garment laying flat. All jackets and tops are measured with the buttons and fastenings closed. If you would like to know a garments measurements when open or need more information, please email us at:

In order to accurately compare with your own circumference measurements, please double the measurements provided.

Please be aware that the sizes printed on vintage garments tags very often do not correlate to any modern international size guidelines. 

To help make the vintage shopping process easier we provide a ‘Fits like’ size guide on each garment. This is strictly our estimate of the product’s size in modern terms, this is measured in:
XS, S, M or L.




1987 SHOP Vintage Sizing Guide


One of the easiest ways to gauge if an item will be the right size for you is to compare it's measurements with an existing piece of clothing from your wardrobe.

To get the dimensions select a similar item in your wardrobe that fits you well. Lay it flat on the ground and measure straight across bust, waist and hips. Then simply compare these measurements with those on the FRUIT Vintage garment description.